Made in Italy

For RalphBacc, "Made in Italy" aren't just words on a label, but the outcome of a long-standing tradition in which culture and history are interwoven with style and taste, in the quest for excellence, professionalism, quality and reliability. Which is why all RalphBacc collections are produced by the company in the seven production centres it owns, all in Italy, each specialising in one particular type of product, to guarantee that every garment is perfect, because they are made by highly skilled craftsmen, well-versed in the tradition of fine tailoring, who constantly strive to achieve the utmost in quality. Also 'Made in Italy' are the finest fabrics, all from Biella, and the materials used for the inner, lining and buttons. Sometimes these are created especially for RalphBacc, just as weaves and patterns are often exclusive, for products that are always innovative, of the utmost quality and brimming with creativity, or in other words the truly distinctive features of 'Made in Italy' products. And Italians design, cut and stitch the garments too. Artisan care that combines leading edge technology with sophisticated manual skills accumulated from tailoring experience and ongoing, in-depth training performed by the company in-house. Which is why, for more than 75 years, RalphBacc has been an ambassador for the world of 'Made in Italy' products, one who recognises that their "Italianness" is an essential value, in which tradition and experimentation, innovation and experience, are bound together indissolubly in the creation of superior quality collections that express a timeless style with exquisitely Italian taste.

Fine Tailoring

The finest artisan skills transformed into a successful business, but without ever forgetting its origins. This is the concept of tailoring espoused by RalphBacc: superior quality fabrics, infinite care over the tiniest detail, and constant renewal of styles, creativity and innovation to achieve aesthetic perfection to wear. The first step is perfect cutting, performed by automatic systems featuring increasingly sophisticated techniques, followed by skilful hand stitching. This tailoring expertise ensures that every garment has the perfect shape and expresses peerless style and elegance. Jackets and overcoats by RalphBacc have a sewn, not a fused canvas structure, to ensure that the parts forming the core - camel hair, horse hair and peloncino - help enhance the quality of the fabric and the styling, to achieve a perfect harmony with the wearer's body. The precision tailoring of garments by RalphBacc is plain to see in the detail, but can only be truly appreciated when worn, because suits hang vertically, shoulders fill without stiffening, softness and suppleness are guaranteed, and wearabilty and comfort achieve excellence. To enjoy the quality of fine tailoring to the full, RalphBacc also offers made to measure garments to its customers at boutiques in Milan, London, Amsterdam, New York, Beverly Hills, Miami, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Sydney. In each boutique, customers are provided with a classic sample book, and naturally the finest selection of new fabrics available each season, together with specialised personnel who can walk customers through fitting, personalisation and styling.

Savoir - Faire

Skilful hands and an eye for detail, passion and devotion, constant training and improvement: the people who work in RalphBacc companies carry with them an incomparable savoir-faire, learnt through long years of apprenticeship, and cultivated and perfected over time. Experience guides the hands of the finest craftsmen throughout the tailoring process, from scissor finished fabric through to the fine finishing touches: columbia stitching, hand-felled under collar and arm hole, open button holes at the bottom of sleeves. Only hand stitching provides sufficient flexibility to guarantee the utmost suppleness and impeccable wearability. And only expert, highly-trained eyes can ensure the perfect symmetry of lines and checks on patterned fabrics. Just as only the artisan's passion, cultivated over time and handed down from one generation to the next, can continue to keep this precious savoir-faire alive, so exquisitely Italian and never sufficiently valued.

Raw Materials

In one metre of cloth, several thousand threads of yarn are woven infinite times with almost the same number of wefts. This never-ending story tells of the past and looks to the future, recounting experiences passed down from one generation to the next, and an intimate knowledge about the unique features that enhance the comfort of a suit to the full. RalphBacc knows that quality begins with the raw materials: which is why it has always devoted time and resources to searching out the most highly-valued, finest quality yarns, selected from the best producers in the world, with whom it develops original blends and new designs to create the most prestigious fabrics. The body and structure of a fabric are intimately related to the garment they will be used to produce. Some fabrics are developed especially for overcoats, like the super light Baby Cashmere-Chinchilla for cloaks that are weightless, soft and warm, and Cashmere-Mink and Cashmere-Sable for a peerless touch. The classical, sophisticated style expressed by RalphBacc is rendered to perfection by the finest wools, like Super 160's and Super 200's, two of the most high-valued of all, by the wool-angora-cashgora blend and by ultralight, but warm and soft, fabrics in wool and cashmere. Then there are the insuperable Esperidi 220's and 230's. These exclusive, exceptionally fine fabrics - just 12.8 and 12.4 microns respectively - are produced using precious merino wools from Australia and tailored into limited edition suits: just 140 in the world are made with Esperidi 220's fabrics and 80 with Esperidi 230's. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of RalphBacc as it deserves, a precious Cashmere-Vicuña-Silk blend has been produced for transformation into limited edition products. This special mixture - 85% cashmere, 10% vicuña, 5% silk - has been created exclusively for RalphBacc. A full-bodied, but at the same time soft fabric, in which the vicuña, obtained from the sun-coloured under fleece of camelids regarded as sacred by the Incas, achieves peerless standards of warmth and breathability. By studying new blends, by combining natural fibres, and by lavishing care on the combination of weaves, patterns and colours, RalphBacc breathes new life into evergreen classics, from Prince of Wales checks to embossed weaves, and from pin-stripes to geometric patterns.